Stephen Spence

Stephen Spence

Managing Director of Commercial Refrigeration Services

Leaving a legacy in the refrigeration industry is most important to me. I worked my way up the ranks from a qualified technician to maintenance and installation, procurement, service and contracts management to the positions of Managing Director and Key Accounts Director.

The knowledge I have gained in this industry is vast. I wish to professionally transfer this know-how by coaching young mechanics and technicians in new generation refrigeration technology.

A defining moment in my career was when, in my capacity as Managing Director at Commercial Refrigeration Services (CRS), we transformed conventional refrigeration to harnessing natural CO2 gas as an energy generator. It was a first in Africa and we collectively pulled through as a team to authenticate this enterprise. The project was commissioned by the large retailer Woolworths. Subsequently, we have manufactured and installed more than 80 units country wide for Woolworths and Makro.

It is our ethos at CRS to preserve our natural resources and combat greenhouse gas emissions. We are continuously striving for improvement and personally, I am working to drive the business’ expansion from the bottom up.

I am hands-on involved in our founded training facility in CO2 refrigeration – a first in Africa. Through this facility we are striving for excellence, capacitating small and medium contractors with technical skills and broadening our horizons to share our expertise with the rest of the world.