Dr. Wolsey Barnard

Dr. Wolsey Barnard

Chief Executive Officer

After spending more than 25 years of my professional life in the energy environment, making contributions at different levels in private and public sectors, as well as in various energy fields, I joined Sphere Solutions as CEO in 2018.

I completed my BSc, BSc (Hon) and MSc at the then University of Port Elizabeth (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), while I obtained my PhD from the University of Pretoria in high speed electronic devices.

One of the key activities I have been involved with in the latter 15 years of my career was to normalize and assist with change management and turnaround strategies of entities or large infrastructure projects or programmes.

As CEO of Sphere Solutions, which housing among others the two largest refrigeration companies in South Africa’s, as well as a sustainable farming company, it is exciting to be part of the current refrigeration industry revolution.

The dramatic changes in this space has been referred to as ‘disruptive’, since the new direction is not only in terms of sustainable refrigeration technologies and products, but on early warning and monitoring systems for optimizing efficiency, while the industry is moving into the provision of a refrigeration service rather than just refrigeration hardware.

In order to keep me focused, I am enjoying an early morning workout in the gym and are fond of rugby (still a Stormers supporter!!) and tennis. But none of these are so fulfilling than to spend some time with my family and the three grandchildren, especially on the beach in Jeffreys Bay.